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Entertainer, Speaker & Graphologist
Voted "Magician of the Year"

I Put Smiles on People's Faces!

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Grayson Smith Entertainer
  • E.S.P.ecially for YOU (ESP, mindreading and mentalism)
  • T.E.A.M. Building, Risk Taking, Communication
  • Grayson offers an encouraging and entertaining program for your group.
  • Any of these programs will be the highlight of your group's event.
  • Grayson can show you the mental genius that is inside each of your guests.
  • Learn to remember names.
  • Learn to tell when someone is telling you the truth.
  • Graphology... "Tree Reading" Specialist
  • "Magic in Healing" program and training
  • Present your corporate message in a meaningful way.
  • Magic Consultant to Theatres and Education Departments.

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