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Voted "Magician of the Year"

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About Amazin Grayson

speaker for events.  Sales meetings, corporate messages, staff meetings, parties, skyboxes, hotels.

A Versatile Entertainer

Magician, mind reader, mentalist and Graphologist --- Grayson Smith will offer encouraging and entertaining programs for your group. He can also set up “Magic in Healing” programs and for corporate events, present the corporate message in a meaningful way.

· Magician – fun with stories

· Mind reader/mentalist – be amazed

· Graphologist – learn things about you that may be known or not known. Be reminded of good things in your life. 

magician for events like weddings, company picnics, bridal showers, sales meetings, staff meeting.

Perfect for any Occasion

Maybe you are looking for a strolling magician for an event. Or maybe you are looking for an on-stage motivational speaker  for your next sales meeting. With clients including corporate holiday parties, and local private parties, Amazin Grayson's high-energy interactive entertainment is sure to bring — not just fun — but professionalism and experience to your eve

Successful magician and mentalist in Memphis TN.  For staff meetings, corporate meetings. companies.

Use his Expertise in the Planning Stage

Schedule an event consultation with Amazin' Grayson. Together, you can figure out what your entertainment needs are. You will also get tips on what to do to make your event shine. Plus, Grayson Smith can give you a heads up on what common planning pitfalls to avoid. 

videos of amazin grayson

Magic Videos

Mindreading and fortune telling.
Helping in Memphis, TN

Enjoy these examples of his magic

Money Magic

My Dad's Story

Mind Reading/Mentalist

Mindreading and fortune telling

Enjoys this segment on mentalism

Dr. No Bell Ringer

Enjoy some Mind Reading fun

I Can Read Your Mind -- NOW


Fortune telling and tree readings and mindreading

A simple drawing reflects so much of a person. Watch

Fox 13 Interview

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Amazin Grayson

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